Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt –Add Solution to Dead Interstate battery Part 2 of 6

welcome back now just getting ready to test that this battery for our D sulfate epson salt for those that didn’t see part 1 of the video this was just taken off a charger now we know this one has a very weak in or dead cell I believe it’s very weak because if you charge it up it will usually hold the charge for a couple hours but can see why the voltage there 10.72 volts we do indeed have a dead cell as well as the resistance across the terminals 750 9.2 all resistance in 1.95 cold cranking amps so I do not believe we can get much worse than that so but Popoff caps here and sorry for any background noise we do have a huge three-phase compressor running in the back of our warehouse is he busy busy just for hexa heck of it just take a little peek inside the cell can be way too hard to show on camera into a hole here but all the cells show signs of major sulfation and I believe this little bugger right here cell number two is the one that is dead as that one looked really really horrible so see similar solution as before only this time I made the solution a little stronger bigger can’t really hurt something that’s already shop if anything I’ll just if I can actually get this one work and I’ll just use this to start my riding lawnmower go get a little better at aimin and that cell that I think might be dead is actually also low lower than the rest and fluids so heck let’s top that sucker off put our caps back on I think I’m going to have to do a follow-up video with both these batteries after they’ve been once again recharged I don’t think it’s going to improve too much but let’s see what we get from the start here and the front to shake it up already the resistance has dropped voltage is about the same cranking amps went up looks somewhat promising and I’d like I said I did forget to shake it so won’t I throw this one on the battery charger too and see what we end up with for video number three