Is it Possible to Revive a Dead Battery with Epsom Salt – See For Yourself

hey how's it going doing so first today we have a bit of an experiment and see whether we can revive this 12-volt car battery with some basic household products and by that I mean some Epsom salt baking soda in some distilled water and here's exactly how dead this battery is as you can see it's only got three point nine five volts now with that voltage put your load sister on this battery it's pretty much pointless but here it is anyway so in a good battery this style would need to be here where it is okay and then you put it on there load by person is fun it's supposed to go to this green area and show you the amount of cranking amps it has but as you can see it's already in the red all the way down here and when you press this it goes pretty much zero so first things first we're going to clean our battery terminals and wipe down the top of our battery and if you don't have a battery terminal cleaner you can always just use some 400 or 300 grit sandpaper so in the next few steps we're going to be removing these battery cell caps and then pouring out the acid that's in this battery so make sure you use in a well-ventilated area and also wear gloves because if as it gets on your hands on your skin or even on your clothes it's going to burn through it it's not a pleasant and on this battery these caps can easily be removed it's just a flathead screwdriver there we go here's one and here's second and next we're gonna dump the acid that's in this battery into this plastic container I should be probably wearing long sleeves for this but you gotta work with what you got already so next we're going to get about ten ounces of baking soda and then we're going to mix that with about one gallon of distilled water now the best way to mix the baking soda with the distilled water is to just do it in small amounts just get some distilled water put in a container with some baking soda and then you want to stir it until it dissolves into the water and next we're gonna start pouring it in and filling each sale make sure you go very slowly all righty next we put our cell caps back on and then we're going to shake it around our battery for about 30 seconds or so after that we remove our caps once again and then we're going to dump the solution in our bucket next you want to mix about 15 ounces of Epsom salt with about one gallon of distilled water and similar to the baking soda you want to mix this slowly but also you wanna make sure you heat up the water that way you can steer this and dissolve that some salt into the water a lot easier and next we'll fill up each cell with our Epsom salt and distilled water solution next we grab our charger having a slow charge this battery for about 24 hours on the slow charge setting we also gotta leave the caps off because sometimes you have some overflow problem just when the solution heats up it's gonna overflow so you don't want to put the caps on any build up underneath it so again do this in a well-ventilated area and also be very mindful of whatever you put this over while it's charging as you can see you got this on the floor so it's pretty safe here all right so it's the next day and it's been about 24 hours since this thing's been on the charger so let me show you what we have alright so as you can see I'm good about eleven point three volts which is a huge improvement from where we started but it's obviously still not good enough so what I'm going to do is just to put it back on the charger but also on this battery we haven't had any overflow issues but if you have make sure you refill these all these battery cells with this so water in here of some salt solution and I'm also going to use this newer battery charger just to make sure our battery charger is not the problem and again we're going to put this on the 2 amp setting or other words trickle charge your back all right so it's put another 24 hours since this batteries been on the charger let's see what we have now now this time we're on I don't know if you guys can see but we are having some more fluid shoes not a whole lot there's still plenty of our solution lifts in the battery but we do have some water coming out these bad results here's a look at our charger we're at sayin according to the dial but we still don't have the green light which would indicate this is a batteries completely charged but we're going to go ahead and check our voltage on the battery anyway all right so first we'll walk the topic for battery get it clean an extra grab our multimeter but make sure if you're missing any distilled water to add water to these battery cells you got to make sure the lit plates that are inside here that you might be able to see they have to be covered with the distilled water and Epsom salt solution we made earlier and here's how much voltage we got now we got twelve point four three volts which is actually pretty good it should be twelve point six but this multimeter may not be exact and some of you may know each battery cell in this battery should have about two point one volts which would add up to twelve point six or with well within the margin of error of twelve point four three or whatever we just get that now even more important than the voltage is how many amps this battery can put out I want to press this and put it under the load we're going to hold it there for ten seconds and then we're going to take our measurement it should come down to about seven hundred amps which is you can see it's the amount of cranking amps this battery is supposed to put out according to the sticker all right here we go I shut down way too much but anyway you're going to hold it there see at least if you can hold that at least I would say it's probably about 100 I guess 100 amps it's putting out and that's ten seconds alright so you can put out 100 cranking amps that's pretty low but it's still a huge improvement from where we started but we can try to do to raise it cranking out some foot size to cycle the battery and to cycle the battery is to basically drain the battery and then to recharge it now you can do this by just sticking the battery in the car then turning on your headlights but I got the spare headlight laying around so I'm just going to use this and you know what actually I'm just going to attach the second headlight as well just to make this go faster and then we're just going to wait until the voltage reaches about ten and a half to 11 volts alright so it's been a good few hours and we're actually down to closer to ten volts but it's okay so we're just going to take these off and then reattach our battery charger and we gotta charge this for about 24 hours again or until we get a green light here saying our batteries fully charged alright so it's been about ten hours actually this time and I believe we're done but I say that because not only a dialogue 100% but we also have a green light telling us our battery is fully charged again we got a bit of an overflow issue here so next I'm just going to quickly clean this up alright so first let's check out our voltage alright this time we got a twelve point six six bolts again that's about right issue we should have about twelve point six volts but again here's the real test our load tester showing us how many cranking amps this can this thing can put out or whether we've made any improvements let's see god that's a bummer no improvements at all it's in the same area as before oh well it was worth a shot at this is holding steady there and it's not going into the to the showing us that it's bad well shows us that its weak but it's not improving much and there you have it folks so if the question is whether you can revive a dead battery with some epsom salts and baking soda the answer is maybe you just might be able to now we started with a really good there's this pan again at three point nine five volts splitting up no amps at all after we treated with the baking soda and then the Epsom salt now we up to twelve point six volts and I want everything that's going to retain got bolted overnight though I'll put I'll test this tomorrow and make a note of it in the video when I put out the video on YouTube but I can see it helping a battery it's in better shape maybe I got a battery that's in the back of your garage putting out only maybe it around nine volts and scan you know you do this I can see that turning into a good battery but we won't know because I don't have one of those around to test but if I ever do I'll make it all up with you and we'll know for sure whether this can help a dead battery be good again so that's I hope you enjoyed watching this little experiment that it if you did please give it a thumbs up and also consider checking us on my other videos I'll put up on the screen as video links so you can just click on it alright thanks for watching see you next time