How to Replace Battery on Dell Latitude Laptop / Notebook (Easy)

welcome to tomahawk DIY everyone I'm Mike today we're taking a look at this Dell Latitude notebook computer today we're going to be changing out the battery I'll show you how you replace the battery the life is gone on your battery and a new one they don't make this there's not a clip that just drops on the battery actually I'm taking case off so let's take a look at how to do that okay so your computer new things you need to do before you really get started first you gotta make sure your powers on the fire power cord off this one you've got to remove an SD card mine's already removed but make sure if you've got an SD card in here or the little plastic filler that goes in get that out once all your cables are disconnected move over to the next step for this step you need to undo the screws another six screws here one two three four five and six I highly recommend getting a kit like this I prefer working with something along these lines include it an affiliate link on Amazon recently this up it's got a lot of parts break for working on small electronics cellphones computers things like that here we go we're gonna remove our screws [Music] okay so with that we should be able to remove this whole back case we've got my little fried plastic fried piece that should be helpful there now to remove your battery there are some screws depending on the model of battery you may have one or two screws in here this one's got a couple screws right there [Music] I'm taking a picture of this and my cell phone as we go now these screws I'm gonna look carefully to see if they're different from the six that I just removed if they are different obviously they do not want to don't want to mix them up [Music] look here are the same I also can tell the difference these two were rich in the ones have some thread lock on them the other six did not so okay here we go we're gonna pull this tab just like that [Music] and then we're gonna get our battery [Music] there we go so see how that came out right there slides slides that direction pretty easy to take out I will note this battery is a little bit flimsy kind of feel out move well I'd be really careful about that I don't bend it and set it down on a flat surface where it'll be nice and safe now your battery may not have a new cable you get replacement battery and if it doesn't it's not too hard just disconnect the battery like so right over on this end slide down like so okay so put your new battery in and just slide your cable back in that check make sure it looks good and clean and then I'm gonna clip the cable in place on each of these little holders be careful you're not applying pressure we don't want it on the battery now you're ready to put your battery back in okay so remember how this thing came out got a side here that slides under watch your cords kind of clips back in place like so we've got two screws [Music] you sure it's lush all the way around you saw right here it's kind of stuck up on mine when I first put it in that'll cause you problems if you try to put the cover back on my screws back in put that one kind of loose gotten this one tighten it down good and firm tightening this one down all the way okay I'm ready to reconnect the cable check in for the alignment of all pins there we go okay once it's lined it goes okay with that I'm gonna check over my surface make sure I haven't left any dimples more importantly don't leave any extra screws lying around here this is also a great time you take a can of Canada spray I don't have one with me but you can spray through your fan and clean dust out here I've got another video that actually shows cleaning dust out of out of the fan assembly which really will build up over time and that just supposed down your performance so check out that video I'll link to it okay put this cleared out we're ready to close it up so remember where your tabs are when this came off we got some little few tabs here I'm just looking around and looking around and seeing where each of these tabs are so I'm gonna put this back on slide my tabs into place with tabs in place put my screws in I'm gonna get them all put in loosely before I tighten them down alright now I'll tighten them down checking to be sure sitting smooth all the way around okay with that cover back on I think we're done so you can see replacing the battery isn't too challenging it does take just a little bit of effort though more than more than the usual slide lock I certainly hope you found this helpful if it was helpful if it saves some money I'd certainly appreciate any tip you sent my way or you can click on the affiliate links to Amazon or perhaps other website that sends a small Commission my way that all goes to work supporting the mission of tomahawk DIY which helps people and some of Earth's most dire circumstances to build better lives and more about that on the website so leave a comment let me know how your story was liked the video share it with friends have the problem with their their Dell computer and have a great day