Frozen Batteries (reviving dead batteries by putting them in a freezer?)

to find out if this claim is true I brought up an old laptop and switch it on I knew that eventually will die because of lack of power so I plugged it into a power source and I noticed that even if it's already plugged there's an indicator a red indicator that's blinking which means the battery was like charging so I remove the battery and I find out if the claim is true this is the old battery erupted in two pieces of flows plastic buckets used for you know delivering messages by a local courier and after wrapping it like that I put it in the freezer of an inverter refrigerator here I did this at nine o'clock in the morning I don't know if you noticed the time when I opened that computer that laptop and I left this battery inside freezer of this inverter refrigerator the whole day I only took it back or removed it from the freezer late in the afternoon I unwrapped it I wiped some perspiration that came out of the battery after removing it from the freezer because of the temperature that's it to the laptop and then plugged it in what is immediately noticeable is that after touching the battery it began blinking red again even before I can plug it into a power source this was about five in the afternoon so now 30 tad 7% charge by 7 p.m. I checked it and I had a present I left it for another hour and when I came back it had 9% so it was actually charging the problem was that after reaching 9% it doesn't seem to be charging anymore so I checked the power meter of this old laptop and saw that the battery icon has that red X in there I tried to refresh it hoping that because it is continuously attached to a power source it will eventually charge and it will go up I mean from 9 percent to 10 or maybe 11 but it didn't so what I did was to switch off the laptop and decided to try another approach I removed the plug from the laptop and checked if the nine percent charge will already work and it did you'll notice that the green light that's supposed to be there or the red light that says it's not charging or the green light that says if this charging is no longer there all that remains are those two blue lights and I forget what those means so I went back again to the control panel open the power options which is indicated by a battery and immediately I noticed this there are two battery icons and both of them have a red X mark but there's another thing that shows there and it says total time remaining is three hours and 27 minutes which means that it actually charged and it has that much power left