Battery restoration with epsom salts.

the hey at the plan here is to get a bit of a document going on trailing by trees with epson salt or done here is a taken a battle a day a love that the battery just evenly divided amongst six cells and headed two capsules which themselves to its that’s a bit like 400 grams and mater wife did my career I’m on on whether you want to do that or not but let the missus catcher an to solve all the action salt and I just distribute it back into the batteries in till they topped up to the right level AC DELCO and then put it on charge label for a wall disconnected put a nice big lie dormant or chose to put a jump a light across will put jump lights on the run in short the jump alleged together a few times and then put it on charge again tribute on the day that seems to get a little bit better half Ste Exide you’re the first one of these I P not really a see this one is a stinker had Ste Century Ste just Ste recondition top surface this section at the battery should be relatively flat shouldn’t be any bitch to get up mistake if it’s to get all that not since most and here’s the and the sort of top cover apart the top section 80 can say six little shoulders which actually poke damn into the batteries to maintain levels have the election law Dean H I Epsom salts the action salts in the sold gonna be good I’ll charge in and check to begin with the made a and everyone oven DS specific gravity was law it was the floor was wrought up you talk to the right section on the on the AM gauge day so I am put in on hard charge and I left to charge in 24 rails with the bubble in a lie anarchic check in on it wheat or checked on it the specific gravity am kept coming up and too long after a dying and visual ratings I was getting months I was very happy with that truly someone’s there barely even touched the grain of straight reais proved to be a problem I think this is the original course why I had the problem because it had too honey ten-and-a-half bolts on it and it was dragging the good bet re damn with it i’mma put its insults in this as well hand and guided another 24 a charge kept checking on a in all cells can I map to Norse los hoy specific gravity except for the second last one on the left so i’d revive thats come up a little bit but it’s not good China still any reading 10 in our faults I that that bedrooms but a profile when selling its just not working properly of in this Petrie’s pull a very nice numbers near said not a bad third on vault say and when I put the light on it an idle drops dead were bad i 100 cold cranking amps are still on good and that’s always bet reached on an error in the wash the and I think Kitsap its fixed for good nah for the goodies to glue it back together with Permatex like silicon annable to clean up with me if I when some napkins care Hungry Jack’s does the job had Ste youtube battery Ste Shiga rigidly when I see all those batteries up Thailand look hot plate on the head to topple the battery out and I’m parliament the bigass for getting much about 300 degrees Celsius something to squash the top order that would seal it some other mark what I had to get off by Schlage polly pocket I stuck on had when the ceiling nice cells up you really only need to carry and perry et sort of the holes hold a square bitch I am the whole topple the by trees actually local eben should months old is connected to the other through the top I’m long as you get by salute opera tangle pace sealed off will be as good as name had just replace the late day get a norse heavy still like put her on the delivered to sit for a bit 12 years and touch then she should be good to go I ok T the