Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work?

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work? It’s a question worth asking as batteries  have a major role in our daily lives. It is because batteries allow us to get portable power delivery. This has made our lives so much easier than we have now become dependent on the batteries. From the largest to the smallest of the electronic systems in our daily lives have batteries in them. Although this brings a lot of ease in our lives, there is still one problem.


The problem here is the life of the batteries. The batteries are made with different chemicals and other stuff and everything has its life after which it starts to lower its performance. The most common example of this phenomenon is the cell phone batteries, car batteries, and toy batteries.

Once these batteries are used for a good time, they start to lose their performance and we need to replace those batteries. However, one thing that really changes things for us is the reconditioning of the batteries. Some batteries allow the users to recondition them by themselves. But some people still think if doing this will work or not.


So, if you are also looking for the answers related to battery reconditioning, here we will provide all the answers about does battery reconditioning really work. Here we will also provide the proper guidance and all tips that you will need if you are looking to find the answers to does battery reconditioning really work?

Why is there a need for battery reconditioning?

Why should you rely on battery reconditioning when you can simply buy a new battery without any effort and replacing the battery will be a great option? 0Well, some drastic things are happening to you and the world around you that you need to take care of. When you are buying a new battery, this is causing a lot of changes to the world around you.


If we discuss the causes of buying a new battery, the personal ones are related to the budget. When you buy a new battery, the thing that is disturbed the most is your budget. It is because new batteries cost a lot. Additionally, there are some major environmental issues caused by old batteries that we will discuss here.

A lot of environmental issues are created by batteries.

When you buy a new battery, the old battery goes to waste. Even if that battery is given to the recycling plants, a major part of that battery still ends up creating a lot of problems for the world. Not only this, but the demand for batteries all over the world has drastically increased over the years.


This means that a lot of people are contributing to making the world a worse planet for all types of living organisms. The used-up batteries cause many different types of pollution and here we will discuss all of them.

  • Water pollution.

The first and the most dangerous type of pollution that is caused by the used up batteries is water pollution. We all know that the electrolytes present in the batteries are nothing but chemicals. Additionally, other stuff that is used inside the batteries for providing portable power is also harmful for everything.

When the battery fluid is disposed of in the water bodies without proper treatment, it makes the water toxic for marine life. Additionally, when this water is consumed for agriculture purposes, this makes the plants die, or their products are not suitable for consumption.

  • Land Pollution.

When the batteries are thrown away in the garbage, the plastic ends up in the form of piles. The worst thing is that the plastic is not biodegradable so it will stay on the surface or under the soil for centuries. Not only this, but the chemical parts of the batteries are also bad for the environment.

This not only makes the land unsuitable for use but is also very dangerous for the animals and birds if they accidentally consume it.

  • Air pollution.

The last kind of pollution done because of the batteries that end up in waste is air pollution. The batteries are known for releasing different kinds of gases and these gases when mixed in the air present in the environment caused major problems.


Although the amount of these harmful cases produced by a single battery is not a lot, when the batteries come in a huge amount, the numbers get greater and the pollution also increases. On the other hand, when the plastic or internals of the battery are burned, they take a major part in air pollution. The acid of batteries also causes air pollution when something is dissolved by it.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work Why buy a new battery when you can use the old one like it is new?

So, after considering all of these factors, one thing that might have hit your mind is why buy a new battery when you can use the old one. Additionally, many convincing factors tell us that reconditioned batteries are very good for us.


Although many people ask does battery reconditioning really work, this is because it is something that does not require any special tools or skills. But at the same time, this process will never guarantee you that you will be successful.


This is the main reason for the mass confusion in people’s minds. However, battery reconditioning Epsom salt method and other methods can be beneficial for you in many different ways that we will discuss here.

 What is the EZ battery reconditioning?

As we all know that this is the era where everyone wants to do DIY projects, many people are teaching to do things. Sometimes these services or courses are free while sometimes these courses are not free. One of the courses that have gained a lot of popularity across the years is the EZ battery reconditioning course.

Ez Battery Reconditing
Ez Battery Reconditing

Many people think that this is a scam but most of the people who have taken this course have benefited a lot from this. So, here we will discuss all the details about this course.

A little insight on the history of EZ battery reconditioning.

If we take a look at the history of the EZ reconditioning guide, we will see that this is a course that started as a partnership of two people. The two men who made this guide course were Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson. One of them worked at a golf cart company while the other one worked at the battery service company.


They once met and the interest in each other’s work grew. As this interest grew, they proposed the idea and they worked together to make this guide. Now, this guide is available for everyone to buy, download, and learn the whole process of reconditioning the batteries.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work?  Does Does EZ battery reconditioning work?

Yes, there is no surprise in knowing that this is a guide that works in the best way. It is because the writers of this guide were both related to the field of the world. This lets them describe all the little details in the best possible way.


Although reconditioning the batteries is a process that may fail sometimes but this is only because of the carelessness of the person or selecting the wrong battery. So, if you are following this course guide, make sure that you follow all the little details and make sure that you are not missing any important step to maximize t

How does EZ battery reconditioning work?

This is a very simple phenomenon that helps you in reconditioning your batteries without any special hard work. There are small and simple things that are presented in the guide that you need to follow.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work
Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work

As this guide is paid, we cannot share the exact steps here however we will share some general ideas that you can get from the EZ reconditioning guide for batteries.

The steps that you need to follow.

The following are some of the steps that you will need to consider for reconditioning the batteries.

  1. Buying the course.

The first and the most important part of the whole process is that you buy the course. Most of the time people think that the free things available on the internet will do the job. But this is not the right concept. It is because there is something different in the guide that people are buying and most of them are being successful in the reconditioning process.


The biggest reason for this guide being a successful guide is that the people who made this guide have devoted their whole lives to the field. Additionally, they included all the information from their experience and the research that nobody else could know. So, this is a must that you buy this guide if you are looking to recondition your batteries in the best way possible.

  1. Collecting the tools.

So, when you have bought and studied the guide thoroughly, there will be a lot of new things that you might have learned from that guide. One of the most important things that the guide will teach you is the materials and things that you will need for reconditioning the battery. So, before you do anything, you must become well prepared for the process.

For this, you will need to possess everything that is mentioned in the guide because these things will be needed when you recondition the batteries by yourself.

  1. Reconditioning the batteries.

Now you are in the phase where you know everything about the reconditioning process and you also have the right set of tools and equipment that you will need. So, now you are in the perfect environment to proceed further towards the battery reconditioning process.

At this point, you can follow the instructions present in the guide and follow them step by step to recondition the battery that you need to recondition.

The pros and cons of EZ battery reconditioning.

Nothing present in this world is completely perfect. It is because there are certain flaws present in everything. So, it is a good practice to know and care for all the flaws of the system that can cause damage.


For providing you with the best set of information, here we will share the pros of the EZ guide for reconditioning batteries and we will also share some major cons of this guide that might make this guide irrelevant for you. This will help you to consider all factors of the guide and you can also make efficient decisions regarding reconditioning your batteries.


The following are some of the pros of following the EZ guide if you are looking to recondition the batteries by yourself.

  • Easy to understand.

As we all know that learning is only done when you understand the concept. This implies all the matters of your life. Whether it is something related to knowledge or skill, if we do not understand the basic concept, there is no way to efficiently learn the stuff. This guide has been designed by keeping this thing in mind.

The guide is made in layman wording so everyone with a basic understanding of the language can understand this guide without any problems and this will prove to be very helpful for efficiently reconditioning batteries.

  • One Time payment.

One thing that is very demotivating in most of the cases is that there are different versions or parts of the course and you have to pay for everything whenever you are looking to learn something. This is not the case with this course as this course is designed for the welfare of the public.

This is a course that needs only a one-time payment. It means that you will need to pay only once. When you pay for this course, you will be able to download the full course and you can use that pdf file as many times as you want.

  • A great way to earn.

Have you lost your job? Are you looking for a better way of earning? Do you want to change your spare time into cash? Are you looking to make productive use of your skills and tools? If yes, then this is the best guide for you. It is because this guide includes all the information about the things that you need to know.

So, when you get this guide you will be able to recondition the batteries like a professional. In this way, you will not only be able to recognize your batteries, but you can also make this as a way to earn.

There are different ways to use this as a method of earning as you can either recondition others’ batteries, or you can also buy dead batteries and recondition them to sell them when they are in good condition.

  • You get an option for a refund.

There might be a case where you do not get the point of this guide. If this is the case with you, then you are on the safe side because this course offers you a 60-days money-back guarantee. However, one major thing for this case is that you are not getting the point of this guide.

It is because this guide is so well made that a person with no knowledge about batteries can also benefit from it.


The following are some of the cons of battery reconditioning Epsom salt and other methods of the EZ guide.

  • You require a lot of tools.

If you are the person who thinks “does battery reconditioning really work“, then you might also be thinking about the complex things that you might need for the whole process. This is one of the biggest cons of following this guide that you will need a lot of tools.

The worst part is that all of the tools mentioned here are necessary so if you are looking for reconditioning one or two batteries, this might be a very costly thing for you to manage all the tools and equipment.

  • This is a risky job.

Apart from the tools, the job itself is very risky Especially for the people who have little mischievous kids at their home, this can get more dangerous. It is all because we are dealing with acids here. The battery fluid that gets out of the battery is a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water.

So, this can be very dangerous if it touches skin or spilled anywhere without treatment. Additionally, taking it out of the battery and the container that you need for the removal of the battery acid is also a crucial thing because of the fluid being reactive.

  • There is no guarantee that every battery will be successfully reconditioned.

One thing that depends a lot on your fortune is the success ratio. There are a lot of issues with the batteries. Although sulfation is one of the major issues, other issues with the battery plates mean that you cannot get your batteries right.

It is because the reconditioning process will not be including tearing the batteries apart and doing the deep level repair. As in this guide, there is nothing beyond reconditioning, if there is some issue with your battery, your whole effort and time will be wasted.

  • This is not a reliable source of earning.

You can think of it as a great way of making money. But this is not as reliable as it seems unless you have strong roots in the market. It is because this is a great guide for reconditioning your own batteries, but this is not as good when it comes to making full-time money.

There are several service centers and reconditioning shops that offer their services at very less prices so things might get difficult for you to gain a better place in the competition.

How you can do the battery reconditioning at home.

Reconditioning the batteries by yourself seems to be a great thing to do but how can you do this. Additionally, how will you know “does battery reconditioning really work or not? “There is only one way to find out and this is by taking things into your own hands. So, the best way is to practice things and before practicing, knowing all the necessary things is very important.

So, here we will discuss how you can recondition the batteries by yourself in the best way.

The factors that you need to consider before reconditioning a battery.

Before you start the actual reconditioning process, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. It is because if you ignore these minor details, things might go bad at your end and there is no surety if things will get worse or not.

So, you must consider the following important thing before you start the battery reconditioning Epsom salt procedure.

The battery chemistry matters a lot.

Different batteries are made in different ways. This is the reason why some batteries are known as acid batteries while some are known as gel batteries. Some batteries are also known as dry batteries. This differentiation of batteries depending on the electrolyte used in them also tells about the chemistry of the batteries.

Additionally, one thing to know is that every battery type is not able to be reconditioned. So, before you start the battery reconditioning Epsom salt process, make sure that you have an acid battery because no other type of battery can be reconditioned by yourself.

The battery must be in great condition.

Once you have made sure that your battery is good for being reconditioned, the next thing that you will need to check is the condition of the battery. It is because the condition of the battery speaks a lot about its future.

If the battery condition is worse, then you must refrain from trying to recondition it. It is because this might not be worth it to spend a lot of time on this type of battery. Some things that you need to consider the condition of the battery are mentioned below.

  • The terminals of the battery.
  • The casing of the battery.
  • The plates of the battery.

For a battery that needs to be reconditioned, all of these must be in perfect condition.

This is a process that needs time and concentration so make sure that you have them both.

Yes, battery reconditioning is a process that will take a lot of your time and the most important thing is that you cannot leave or pause the process once it is started. It is because the battery health might be at risk. The next thing that is essential for the process is concentration. It is because here you are dealing with harmful substances.

One of the most harmful things included in the battery reconditioning Epsom salt process is the battery fluid that is removed from the battery. So, you will need to have a lot of spare time and concentration to carry out the process.


Especially if you are planning to take the battery reconditioning Epsom salt process as a profession, then you cannot work if you lack any of these two essential things.

Never think of doing battery reconditioning by yourself if you do not have adequate tools.

Another thing that matters a lot for the battery reconditioning Epsom salt method is the presence of adequate tools. It is because different steps require the presence and usage of different types of equipment.

So, whether you are looking to do this on a commercial basis, or you are going to recondition your battery only for once, you must only proceed after you have all the necessary things in your possession.

The material that you will need.

Here we will discuss all the material that you will need for the battery reconditioning Epsom salt process and why everything mentioned here is required.

Protective equipment.

The first thing that you will need for the process of reconditioning the batteries is the protective equipment. It is very important to have everything mentioned below because this is a process where any type of smallest accident can cause damage to life. So, you must have the following things before starting to recondition the batteries.

  • Protective goggles
  • Face mask
  • Face shield
  • Protective gloves(rated for harmful chemicals)
  • Apron for full-body coverage.

For the process of reconditioning the batteries, all of these things will save you from the chemicals or small parts that might hurt you accidentally.


There are different categories of tools that are required for the process of reconditioning the batteries. Some tools are required for cleaning the batteries while others are needed for some other purposes. Here we will mention all the necessary tools that you will need.

  • Battery tester
  • Multimeter
  • Battery charger with recondition mode
  • Plyers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Equipment for stirring the chemicals
  • Adequately sized funnel
  • Plastic brush
  • Metallic brush
  • Steel wool.
  • Sandpaper
  • Cleaning cloth.

All of these tools that we have mentioned here are for opening the batteries, cleaning the batteries, and all the other steps included in the process of reconditioning the batteries.

Chemicals for electrolyte.

This is another very important thing for the reconditioning of the batteries because different chemicals are needed when you are reconditioning the batteries. So, the substances that you will need are mentioned below.

  • Epsom salt.
  • Distilled water.
  • Baking soda.
  • Regular water.

Here all of these provide different functionalities during the procedure of battery reconditioning.

Non-reactive container.

The last thing that you will need is some containers. Since we are working with reactive chemicals here, you must select the containers that are non-reactive to these reactive materials.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work? The steps that you will need to follow.

The following are the steps that you will need to follow to recondition your batteries perfectly.

  1. Cleaning the battery.

Cleaning the battery is the first step that you will need to do for every battery. It is very important as well because if the batteries that you recondition are dirty, there will be chances of getting contaminants in the reconditioned batteries. This will not only decrease the performance, but it will also affect the life of the batteries once they are reconditioned.

For cleaning the batteries, you can use the detergent and cloth with water to wash off any dust or grime from the casing of the batteries. For the terminals, you will need to use baking soda with water in the form of a thick paste.

You will need to clean the battery terminals with this paste with the help of a brush, sandpaper, or steel wool. Once everything is clean, you are good to proceed to the next step.

  1. Opening the battery.

Now you will need to open the battery. This is not like tearing the casing of the battery apart. However, you will only need to take the battery caps off for every cell. In some cases, the battery caps get very tough because they are not frequently opened. If this is the case with you, you can use pliers or a screwdriver for opening the battery caps.

The usage of any of these tools will depend on the type of caps of the battery that you are reconditioning.

  1. Removing the old battery fluid.

This is a crucial step as the reactive substances are included in this step. So, when you have removed the caps of your battery, you can proceed to take the old battery fluid out of the battery. Make sure that you carefully remove it from the battery, and you are not spilling it anywhere in your place.

Also, make sure that you collect all of this battery fluid in the container because you will need to treat it after it is removed from the battery.

  1. Disposing of the old battery fluid.

Now is the time when you are going to treat the battery fluid that was taken out from the battery. To treat it, you will need to add approximately 500grams of baking soda carefully into the battery fluid that has just been removed from the battery.

The purpose of doing this is that you will be neutralizing the reactive battery fluid to make it non-reactive and safe to dispose of. Carefully stir the baking soda and when no solid particles are remaining, you can dispose of the old battery fluid.

  1. Reconditioning the battery internals.

This step is the first actual step when you are treating the internals of the battery. Here you will need to mix distilled water with baking soda. The amount of both of them can be equal, and you can also take 2 parts of baking soda for one part of water.

Prepare the solution and mix this until there are no solid particles left there. Once the solution is ready, you can fill the battery up to the top and leave it in there for about 45 seconds to a minute. During this time, you can also gently shake the battery. After the time limit has passed, you will need to remove this solution from the battery.

  1. Preparing the new battery fluid.

Now you will need to prepare the new solution for the battery. This can be made by mixing one liter of water with 120 grams of Epsom salt. Make sure that you make that much battery fluid that it reaches the maximum level of battery water for each cell.

Stir the solution and stop once there are no solid particles visible now you can carefully pour the solution into each cell of the battery with the help of a funnel.

  1. Finishing touches.

You will need to make sure that each cell of the battery has an adequate amount of fluid and then you can close the battery caps.

  1. Charging the battery.

Get your recondition charger that will be providing the battery with 12 volts at 2 amperes of current. Connect the battery to the charger and leave it for about 24 to 36 hours. After 24 hours, you can test the battery with a voltmeter. If the voltmeter shows 12.4 volts or more, then your battery is fully charged.

Otherwise, you will have to charge it more. Make sure that the battery provides about 12.4 volts when you disconnect the battery. If the battery has been on the charger for 36 hours and it is still not giving 12.4 volts or more, then this whole reconditioning process has failed, and the battery cannot be reconditioned.

  1. Testing the reconditioned battery.

Use your battery tester and test the battery for 15 seconds. when the battery is fully charged after being reconditioned, the voltage must not drop below 9.5 volts after 15 seconds of constant load. If the battery passes the test then it is successfully reconditioned, otherwise, the battery is not in good health and the recondition process has failed so you cannot recondition this battery again.

Some mistakes to avoid while reconditioning the battery.

Although reconditioning the batteries is a very simple job, sometimes people still mess things up it not only creates a lot of additional problems, but this can also cause permanent damage to the batteries. So, here we will discuss some mistakes that most people make so that you can be prepared enough to decrease the probability of making those same mistakes.


Never use tap water when you have to use distilled water.

reconditioning the batteries is a process where you can use tap water in some steps, but you cannot use it for every step. Most of the time people ignore the significance of distilled water in the battery and put tap water inside it. This causes damage to the battery plates and the performance of the battery is not good as well.

So, when you are reconditioning the batteries, make sure to use only distilled water whenever it is going inside the battery. However, you can still use tap water whenever you need to clean something.

Never miss out on using protective equipment.

After gaining some experience people think that there will be no accidents. This is something very overconfident and you must refrain from doing this. It is because accidents can happen, and you will never want to get damaged while you are working. So, take full precautionary measures and wear every single part of the protective equipment.

Use the charger only in recondition mode.

When the battery is reconditioned, its electrolyte is not prepared unless it is charged in recognition mode. If you use the charger in the regular charging mode, the battery will be permanently damaged, and it will be left of no use. So, make sure that you only use the right charger for the battery when you are reconditioning the battery to get the best results.

Do not use the battery without testing it.

Testing the battery is something that will take no more than 20 seconds or so. This is something that most of the time people ignore considering that the process of reconditioning the battery might have gone successfully.

If in the worst case, the battery is not properly reconditioned and you use it without testing, this can cause damage to the load that you are connecting to the battery. So, instead of putting your expensive load in danger, you must take your time to test the battery with a proper battery tester.

Make sure that you have all the important tools beforehand.

This is a major mistake that is made by people that they start the process without preparation. This can cause some major problems if you do not have the right equipment at hand.

So, to ensure that your reconditioning process goes smoothly, take all the necessary equipment with you to the place where you are going to work. This will not only help you in the hour of need, but it will also save a lot of time.

Some challenges that you might have to face while the process of reconditioning the batteries.

There are some challenges that you might have to face while you are reconditioning the batteries. So, it is good to take the right measures regarding those challenges. So, here we will discuss some of the most common challenges that you can face. We will also mention how to deal with them and how to prevent yourself from facing those challenges.

Telling if the reconditioning process will be successful or not.

This is something that truly depends on your fortune as you do not know what will be the result of the reconditioning process.

So, one thing that you can do to stay safe from any bad results is to choose the battery that seems to be in the best condition from the inside and the outside as well. The cosmetic condition of the battery, like how clean it is, is not something to consider.

Taking the fluids out of the batteries can be challenging.

The battery fluid removal process can be somewhat challenging. It is because the batteries do not have holes at convenient locations and the batteries are very heavy. So, lifting or tilting the batteries again and again can be a very challenging thing. One thing to make sure that you stay safe is to carefully remove the reactive battery fluid. The non-reactive fluids can be taken out casually.


The process of battery reconditioning can cause suffocation because of some reasons. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • The place is not well ventilated.
  • You are wearing a face mask.
  • The battery fluids release gases.

As these were some reasons why the battery reconditioning process can cause suffocation, you can take care of things by doing the process in an open or well-ventilated area.

Back pain and other problems.

As the batteries are very heavy and the reconditioning process needs you to tilt and lift batteries again and again. Additionally, the process also needs to be done in an uncomfortable position. This can cause back problems.

So, you can either select a better level to do the whole stuff that can be a table to a shelf with a basin. Or you can select a comfortable and productive chair to deal with things.

Is reconditioning the battery by yourself worth it or should you consider taking it to a professional?

So, the whole point of reconditioning is to save money. However, this is a process that will need you to use some specific tools and other stuff. So, we can say that it is up to you if you want to do this for many batteries, then buying the tools that you do not have is a worthy decision. Otherwise selecting to go to a professional will be the right choice.

The choice ultimately depends on the total expenditure because the process of reconditioning the batteries does not require any special skills or experience.

What is the time required for reconditioning the battery?

The total amount of time that can be required for a battery to be reconditioned can be anywhere between 25 to 38 hours. however, the most amount of this time will not include you working. It is because the battery charging will require about 24to 36 hours. so, your working time on the battery will only be between 20 minutes to one hour depending on the condition of the battery.

What are some benefits of battery reconditioning?

Battery reconditioning is a process that comes with a lot of benefits. These are the benefits that are not only applied to yourself, but they are also applicable to the whole world. That is why reconditioning the batteries is a very important thing and this is one of the reasons why this process of reconditioning the batteries has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

Does battery reconditing really work. So, here we will discuss how battery reconditioning can provide you with a lot of benefits with very less work.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work: You will be saving an unbelievable amount of money.

There are a lot of batteries that we use. However, the most expensive batteries are the batteries that are used for the power backup systems and the batteries that are used in the cars for ignition. There are some other uses of batteries like for starting generators and others but those are not as popular however one very popular thing is the replacement of the batteries.


All of these batteries have a certain life and when you have to replace them after this time, this can cost you a lot. On the other hand, if you choose to recondition the batteries by yourself, you can be saving hundreds of dollars by spending a little and a little of your time.

You can do something productive in your free time.

Sometimes there is nothing to do or spend time. Whereas some people are looking to spend their time productively. If you have the enthusiasm to recondition the batteries, you can do this and make productive use of your time.

Although this is a process that takes a lot of time, the time that you need to provide to the batteries can be under 10 minutes because the rest of the job is for the charger. So, if you think that you have a battery that will not be good any soon or you have some old batteries lying around, you can recondition them.

If you have a lot of time to spare, you can also make battery reconditioning as a business and earn a good amount from your spare time.

You will be playing your part as a responsible human being.

As we mentioned above, the increased need for batteries is one of the causes of pollution of different kinds. This is the time when we need to play our role as a good human being and secure the future of our coming generations.

So, when you recycle the batteries, you are working as a great human being because not only you are saving a lot of plastic from ending up as waste. You are also treating the harmful battery fluid before disposing it off so that it will not create any harm to marine life and plants.

Conclusion Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work?

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work? Battery reconditioning is a process that anyone can do at home with a little bit of knowledge. Most of the time people are unaware of how much they can save by doing all this. So, here we discussed some great benefits of reconditioning the batteries by yourself. We also shared our guide and things that you will need for reconditioning the batteries.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work: Considering all this information, you can get prepared and recondition your batteries. The best part is that you can make this as a source of earning if you have the right opportunities and energy.